Time passes by very quickly, doesn’t it?

A lot has happened in the past 2 months since I last posted anything on my blog. I missed blogging. I missed those days when I had time to actually sit down and write a decent blog post. Now I’m down to just posting pictures on Facebook, which isn’t really my thing, LOL.

So what have I been doing lately? Apart from work-related stuff, not much, LOL.

I celebrated World Turtle Day in Kg. Mangkok, Setiu by releasing some 60 head-started river terrapins into the Setiu River with the local kids. You should have seen those smiles on their faces! Priceless, I tell you! Then, sometime in mid-June, I started promoting “Little Turtle Messenger”, a children’s story book which is written by my project partner.

“Little Turtle Messenger” tells of how a little girl was brought to a Turtle Village in her dream. In the Turtle Village, she saw only very few old turtles and she immediately realizes why — the people in her village had been eating turtle eggs for as long as she knew. She promised to help bring back a happy Turtle Village. The next day, she shared her story with her friends, and she was also invited to tell her story in other schools. She became very famous and known as the “Little Turtle Messenger”.

The story book has a very strong message on turtle conservation and it has really pretty illustrations. It will make a very brilliant gift for children between 7 and 12 years old. Each copy costs only RM 12.90 and proceeds from the sale of the books will be used to support turtle conservation projects that my project partner and I carry out. If you’re interested to know more about the “Little Turtle Messenger” or to buy one or a few copies of the book, please leave me a comment or send me an email at turtlecentre@gmail.com :D

At the end of June, we launched the Mini Turtle Museum in Kg. Mangkok, Setiu. We have spent close to 6 months setting up a mini turtle museum in the old community hall that we rented in the village. Now our Mini Turtle museum has a wide variety of displays — sea turtle shells, terrapins shells, sea turtle Siamese twins that didn’t make it, hatched turtle egg shells as well as a series of posters with a brief description of our research and conservation work in the Setiu River.

After the launch, we conducted 5 Turtle Camps in primary schools that are located near the Setiu River. We went to the schools one day after another and it was very tiring, but very meaningful too :D And then I brought my Mum to Brisbane to visit my sister who is currently studying at the University of Queensland. We spent 8 days in cold Brissie weather and came home to a hot and humid Malaysia, much to my annoyance, LOL. And now, we are running more Turtle Camps in Kemaman and Dungun as well as conducting river surveys in 7 rivers in Terengganu.

I know, I’m sooo behind time I have yet to finish talking about my trip to India (which was in April/May!!) and I really should get to it. Apologies to those who have been waiting for those posts, sorry yeah, Ah Hong :D

12 thoughts on “Time passes by very quickly, doesn’t it?

  1. Pelf,

    It sounds like you’re extremely busy. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that. You’re doing a lot of wonderful things, so be proud! I’m sure the turtles were happy to be released. We see a lot of turtles in our garden. They’re a mix of land and some water turtles too. My daughter loves turtles, so do I.

    Our next door neighbor’s nickname is “Turtle”. No surprise, but he’s a turtle lover.

    By the way, nice picture. I had thought about posting a picture of me behind my 17″ MacBook Pro, heh.
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    • Hey, Vegan Momma, long time no see! :D I’m glad to read that turtles thrive in ponds and backyards where you live. In Malaysia, people (Buddhists especially) release turtles into temple ponds and these ponds get overcrowded and the turtles underfed and the water in the ponds.. Let’s not even go there.

  2. It is good to hear that you have been staying busy and I can certainly relate to being a little to busy to blog. I am moving in a bunch of directions myself and have had to reprioritize my own time.

    It is funny that you decided to post today though, as on the way home, I literally was thinking that it had been a long time since you posted ;)

    I think those turtle kites from the Mini-Turtle Museum sideshow were really cool and probably a lot of fun to make. It has been so long since I have gone kiting, let alone made my own…
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    • Aww Steve, I’m so touched to read that you think of me. I mean, we read blogs whenever we can find time and if we’re lucky, relationships grow from being just a blog reader to a friend. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

      • Yes, I am always amazed at how the Internet and Online Communities can end up breeding relationships with people that are far-far apart. It is neat that many of the natural barriers, namely distance, can be overcome using technology.

        Along the same lines, it is also rewarding to see people online be generous/caring, in the face of all the anger/hate that all-to-often occurs when people think they can communicate “anonymously.” It is so easy to see only the bad.
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  3. Berg Payne says:

    I read some sad news this morning that baby turtles are now hatched with disabilities due to increasing pollution in our oceans.

  4. This is my first comment in this blog. If one is blogging in his/her spare time, it can seem impossible. Many people are already struggling just to publish a post every weekday, and sometimes they can’t even do that.
    You want to work on your blog, but you also have a job, friends, and family which are the responsibilities that are just more important.

    Beside that, I’ve also read the same news regarding disabilities of baby turtles due to pollution in our oceans. That’s indeed a truly sad news. What we can do is to tell everyone around you, probably via a blog post, KEEP OUR OCEAN CLEAN. Even a few one who read might help. =)

  5. Hehe Pelf. Know you busy as usual, same goes to me at work. Anyway we will meet soon in Midvalley for that Little Turtle Messenger launch. Lately I was thinking on the Terrapin, hope they doing good in water :D

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