Ask me anything..

.. on the subject of “turtles”..

By popular demand *clears throat* I am allowing you to ask me ONE question that you would like to know about turtles. Of course, I do NOT claim to be the know-it-all but I will try my best to answer each question.

So, to be fair to me and other blogger friends, I am limiting one question per person (otherwise I am afraid I would not have enough time to answer ALL your questions considering some people have very funny questions).

Submit your question before 0930 hours on July 13th, 2006 :)

11 thoughts on “Ask me anything..

  1. Nicktay says:

    What would you want to be remembered for when you leave this world?

    pelf: Err.. Has it got anything to do with TURTLES? *scratches head*

  2. Hey, I wanted to ask that questyion Merv.

    In that case, what are the differences between terrapins, tortises and turtles cause for the life of me…I can’t see the difference.

  3. Laksa says:

    What’s the maximum in size and age that a terrapine can ever grow to and what can we do to ensure that happens?

    hehe, that’s a 3-in-1 question, hope you don’t mind :D

  4. Tortoises, Turtles & Terrapins – what are the differences between them all? As far as I’m aware of, tortoises are largely terresterial, while turtles are largely aquatic. But what about terrapins, and have I missed anything?

  5. can turtles/tortises get back on their ‘feet’ or whatever you call it if they’re on their shell?meaning they’re ‘terbalik’.

  6. Fird says:

    Ivan, you mean, when the turtle is ‘turtled’? Or upside-down? Hehe

    My question would be, can turtles survive solely on the land without going to the sea?

  7. dreamer idi*t says:

    ok, my silly question…

    What scares turtles (aka their predators) and do the turtles ever fight back (they don’t, right?)?

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