Discovering street art in Ipoh

Some time before Chinese New Year this year, somebody posted a photo of the Marilyn Monroe painting on a wall, together with a door-and-bicycle installation. We later found out that these painting and installation were the brainchild of the owners of Burps & Giggles, a retro-concept restaurant in Ipoh.

Monroe's Place
On the wall outside Burps & Giggles Restaurant in Ipoh. Read a review of the restaurant @ Eat Drink KL.

That photo sparked a lot of interest in the local Ipoh folks, including my Uncle, who went looking for some other street art in Ipoh. His enthusiasm paid off, and a few days later, my Uncle took my sister and I to the street art that he “discovered” around town.

The street art that my Uncle discovered were found on the back side of a row of shop houses on Jalan Sultan Iskandar. The paintings on these walls cannot be seen from the main road, hence they are not as famous as those in Penang. Also, these paintings were not done in the public eye, and the artists had only left their names/initials and dates beside their masterpieces.

Playing hide and seek
Playing hide-and-seek.

Playing hide and seek
Playing hide-and-seek.

Kuda kepang
Kuda kepang.

Lion dance
Lion dance.

Blowing bubbles
Blowing bubbles.

Kids playing at the waterfall.

Thank you, dear talented artists, for your efforts in beautifying Ipoh. I hope you guys are rewarded, or at least acknowledged, for the amazing work that you are doing! :D