Burnaby Village Museum, Vancouver

My colleague and I took the opportunity to visit the Burnaby Village Museum after I had repeatedly seen its brochures in museums and tourist information centers in Vancouver. Entrance was free (I had just learned that entrance fees was waived in 2012?) though we had to take 2 buses, and the journey took about 1.5 hours each way.

Upon arrival at the village museum, we were given a map that contains the locations and descriptions of the “ancient buildings/shops/school” in the village. There is an automobile shop, a bank, a traditional chinese medicine shop, a gallery, a salon, a clinic, you name it! :D Some of the buildings/shops were re-enacted but they were so cleverly “arranged” in the village, you wouldn’t even notice it!

The barber’s.

Grocery store.

There is a 100-year-old carousel that everybody could get onto (it costs $2.50 per person). In the auditorium, a video/documentary on the refurbishing of the old carousel is shown every 12 minutes or so.

100-year-old carousel
Me on the 100-year-old carousel :D

Museum interpreters were extremely knowledgeable, and shared with us bits and pieces of information regarding the village and they were pretty successful in bringing us back to 1912, I must say!

We visited on a Sunday, and we were pleasantly surprised that there was going to be a show right before we were leaving! It was like a 1912 musical, performed by a pianist and 5-6 singers/dancers. It was highly entertaining :D

Oh and there is also a functional restaurant where you could buy ice cream or even lunch!

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