The new encyclopedia is in town!

Yup, you read that right :) The new encyclopedia is in town and it’s called Encyclocentral.

The contents in Encyclocentral is categorized into A to Z categories and it contains practically everything from A Flat Major to Taxi Cabs to Zoos. Each alphabet page presents quite an exhaustive list of articles that begin with that particular alphabet, which unfortunately is not in alphabetical order, and each article contains information on that particular topic.

Personally, I feel that Encyclocentral is pretty much like the conventional encyclopedia we have at home, and probably the only difference is that it is available online. And perhaps it can be further enhanced by incorporating visuals into the topics instead of just description.

Now, you’re done here and you may drop by and have a look at Encyclocentral :)

FREE podcast hosting, anyone?

I didn’t know what a podcast was until a couple of minutes ago. For the tech-unsavvy (like myself, I know), podcasts are radio-style shows delivered over the Internet to your computer. Unlike streaming audio, which requires listening in real time, podcasting lets you control how and when you listen to your favorite shows.

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