Reasons that I unsubscribe from a blog

I have just finished a very important task of unsubscribing from a number of blogs because I will be leaving for Chiangmai in 2 days and while I’m away, I want my Bloglines to only pick up feeds that I will read upon returning.

Which makes me think.. I am a fairly “quick” subscriber. It only takes me a couple of minutes on a certain blog and at least 2 posts with grammatically-correct sentences and I’m your new reader. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter very much to me whether you’ve got a pretty blog theme though that does help since I love to look at pretty things :) But if your theme isn’t appealing to me, I’d still subscribe to it :)

But what makes me unsubscribe from a blog? I unsubscribe from a blog if one of the following situation takes place:

  • If the blog turns from ads-free to full-of-ads overnight. I’ve seen this happen. I’m not a blogging guru but I’ve learned enough to know that it isn’t a good idea to surprise your readers with a blog full of ads that they have to sieve through them before getting to the content.
  • If the blogger churns out paid reviews blindly. I’ve mentioned before that I’m OK with paid reviews because I see them as advertisements in a movie. But if a blogger writes about products that I know she’s never used, or places she’s never been to or loans and mortgages that she’s never had, that’s it. I’m sorry but I take that as you’re bull-sh*tting me.
  • If I haven’t been clicking though to leave you a comment in at least 2 weeks. Yes, you may have passed your English test and I may have subscribed to your blog but if I haven’t been leaving you a comment after 2 weeks, it only means that I’m not very interested in what you’re blogging about. It doesn’t mean that your blog is no good, it just means that I’m not interested, so please don’t take this personally.
  • If the blogger never replied my comments. You see, I used to reply to my commentators’ comments on my blog, so naturally, I go back to a certain blog post to see whether the blogger acknowledges my comment. And I have also recently started emailing my responses to my “irregular” visitors because they may not come back to read my responses to their comments, so it would be a good idea to email them and to show that I do appreciate their time and feedback. But if I do not hear from a blogger after following her blog and leaving her comments regularly, I give up. I’d like to feel appreciated and acknowledged too, so if you choose to ignore me, that’s just too bad..

You may want to read about a similar topic posted by Lorelle at The Blog Herald, entitled Are you losing readers? Why? She discusses the main reasons readers turn away from a blog, based on her research on the issue for many years.

So tell me. What will make you unsubscribe from a particular blog?

USD400 in pledges! Thank you so much!

Blogathon 2007 will kick off in approximately 11 days and I’m not fully prepared! I mean, I’ve gotten the pictures to be used in the Blogathon ready and I’ve sent my recipients the interview questions and am still waiting for their replies, and the pledges have been rolling in steadily, and I only have YOU to thank..

Quite surprisingly, the pledges have reached a high of USD 402 (pledges in Malaysian Ringgits are converted and standardized into US Dollars) and I just cannot express how happy and excited I am. And I am truly grateful to all of you who have made a pledge to sponsor me. Without you guys, I would’t have the motivation to do it, seriously..

I have listed all my sponsors on the sidebar at The Giving Hands as a sign of appreciation to those who’ve supported me in my quest to raise the much-needed funds for Eden Handicap Service Centre. I promise not to crash and fall asleep during the Blogathon :D And I have also made a note to get a microphone and a pair of headphones so that I can Skype with anybody who will be awake to cheer me on :)

If you haven’t already done it, could you please spread the word about Blogathon on your blog? The annual (and exciting) event hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves, so if you could just post a note about in on your blog, I’d be extremely glad. I’ve got some Blogathon badges and banners which you may use, or you can even design and distribute your own badges! :)

Updated on 17 July, 2007 @ 1743:

  1. The pledges are now at USD 507.08, thanks to my newest sponsors, Su Chin @ Mott’s Island and 5xmom.
  2. If you have difficulties looking for my box on the Blogathon’s Blog List page, you may either click this Sponsor Me link (opens in a new window), or look for (click Ctrl+F) The Giving Hands.

Donate to The Glaucoma Foundation

Mike and Tish @ Blogs We Luv will be blogging for The Glaucoma Foundation during this up-coming blogathon. And as an added incentive, they will be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card at the close of Blogathon 2007, and for every $5 you contribute, you will be eligible for one entry into the drawing.

You see, at present, there is no cure for glaucoma. However, if it is diagnosed and treated early, blindness can be prevented.

I am one of the lucky glaucoma patients. I was diagnosed eight years ago, at the age of 27. I see my doctor frequently, and I am on daily medications to control the disease. I have suffered very little optic nerve damage so far, and with any luck, it will stay that way. I dream of the day a cure is found – hopefully in my own lifetime.

Tish @ Blogs We Luv

Two weeks ago, I wrote about my Grandpa’s glaucoma — whatever object you focus on will appear clear and crisp, but there would be an area to the side of your focus which will be blurry. But as soon as you gaze at the blurry area it becomes crisp because now you are focusing on that area – and so now a different area on side will become blurry.

Now, my grandpa isn’t as “lucky” as Tish. His glaucoma is already at an advanced stage, and despite applying eye drops as prescribed by his ophthalmologist, the pressure in his left eye remains high (high pressure causes progression of glaucoma and visual field defects).

And the scary thing is, it runs in the family! Is anybody in your family affected by glaucoma? You may read more about glaucoma, which is the leading cause of preventable blindness at The Eye Digest or The Glaucoma Foundation. Or if you’re feeling generous today, or tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, please support Mike and Tish by pledging to donate to The Glaucoma Foundation :)