It’s the school holidays!

And what better way to spend it than spending some time with some hyperactive kids at the beach once in a while?

At the beach

It’s quite amazing that to these kids, going to the beach is almost as routine as eating dinner in the evenings. If the sea is calm enough for a swim, they will jump right into it, but if the waves are rough, they know that they are not supposed to go into the water and they would be happy to just walk along the beach, pick up useless stuff that are washed ashore such as broken toothbrush, broken slippers, broken plastic bottles :)

Last week as we were walking to the beach with the kids, I had a very funny conversation with 9-year-old Aman.

“Kak Chen, Kak Chen sembahyang tak?”

“Ya, saya sembahyang, tapi saya tak sembahyang lima kali sehari. Saya tak pergi masjid. Saya…” Before I could finish my sentence, he went, “HA?! Tak sembahyang lima kali?! Tak pergi masjid?!” in a very surprised way. You should have seen his face!

“Sebab Kak Chen pergi sembahyang di tokong. Orang Melayu sembahyang di masjid, orang Cina sembahyang di tokong dan orang India sembahyang di kuil, betul tak?” I asked him. But he just giggled at the explanation.

And I couldn’t help but think how nice it would be if we were all as colour-blind as Aman :)

11 thoughts on “It’s the school holidays!

  1. silveraven says:

    hoho~ i got a similar comment also during the turtle camp at chagar hutang. had an amusing time explaining that i’m not a muslim and that i don’t pray like them. :p
    .-= silveraven’s latest blog: Have money, will travel =-.

    • Sorry Steve, here’s a rough translation:

      Aman (the kid): Sis, do you pray?
      Me: Yes I do, but I don’t pray 5 times daily. And I don’t go to the mosque. I..
      Aman (very surprised): Huh?! You don’t pray 5 times in a day? You don’t go to the mosque?
      Me: Because I pray in a temple. Only Muslims pray in mosques, whereas Chinese and Indian pray in temples, right?
      Aman giggles.

      FYI Steve, Aman is a Muslim and a Muslim prays 5 times daily.

      • Thanks! It almost gives you a little hope for the future.

        My friends child is similarly colorblind and is around the same age as Aman. It is always neat to talk to him, because he has such an unbiased and innocent outlook, while still being incredibly blunt.
        .-= Steve’s latest blog: Arthritis Explained =-.

  2. etomyam says:

    interesting question and brilliant answer, are so naive to understand the real world.. :D
    .-= etomyam’s latest blog: Popular Educational Quotes of the day =-.

  3. Rishabh Sood says:

    Great pic.Reminds me of my village.Away from the rat race of the cities .Calm and peaceful.
    .-= Rishabh Sood’s latest blog: Interview With Garry Conn =-.

  4. Berg says:

    The innocence of children floors me everytime. Would be so nice to be a child again with homework the only bane.

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