Hello, Karen Cheng’s readers!

Singapore Women's Weekly Oct 2009So I read from Karen Cheng (yes, THAT Karen Cheng) that both of us are featured in the October 2009 issue of Singapore Women’s Weekly. It is a really pleasant surprise as I was interviewed by a freelancer who writes for the Malaysian Women’s Weekly, and hence, I was expecting the story to be used in the Malaysian edition :)

And yesterday I learned that the story is out in the Singapore edition, all thanks to Karen’s readers. With the kind of traffic Karen brings to my blog, I’m surprised my bandwidth hasn’t been exceeded yet, LOL.

Anyway, it is an article about how 2 different women bloggers click with their respective audience. Karen writes about women’s lifestyles, fashion, parenting, food, design, travel and online shopping. And Pelf doesn’t write about any of those. Seriously. Truth be told, Pelf can’t even do a decent face-painting job, let alone talk about fashion, LOL.

Go get yourself a copy of Singapore Women’s Magazine, will you? How often do you get to see your friend featured in a magazine, right? Plus, the make-up artist did a great job, giving me a new, sophisticated look, a look you will never see me sport willingly, hehhehe :)

If you’re here after reading the article on Singapore Women’s Weekly, here are some updates. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Biodiversity and Conservation, majoring in Conservation Biology in July 2008 and am now working in the university. At the same time, I am also doing some voluntary work, helping set up a new turtle conservation organization, Turtle Conservation Centre. I will be leaving the university this December, for greener pastures, like they say, but I will always be here :)

18 thoughts on “Hello, Karen Cheng’s readers!

  1. NN says:

    Hiii.. I found your blog from Karen Cheng’s post. Maybe you can get the article from Karen Cheng. Anyways, I’m Indonesian and there are some things that I want to point out.

    Kereta = train
    Motor / sepeda motor = motorbike
    It’s actually Becak not beca hehehe..

    I hope your friend will recover soon.


    • Thanks for dropping by, NN :)

      Our Indonesian friend will visit us tomorrow, and I am already imagining the look on his face when we tell him that train is “keretapi” in Bahasa Malaysia, LOL. Thanks also for the short lesson on transportation in Bahasa Indonesia :)

  2. Hi there Pelf! I swung around from the link on Karen’s site too. Congratulations on being featured in print! You lead a very inspiring life. Went through your blog entries and will be visiting for updates.

  3. evelyn says:

    My sis has got the mag for you already :)
    But she is still in Singapore until perhaps end of this year.
    But I will arrange with my mom if she could bring the mag out when she leaves Singapore probably mid next month?? Is that alright for you?

  4. I go round in MPH but can’t find the Cameron Diaz Women’s Weekly. Can attach the story in your blog ah? Miss the chances to get your signature…haha :D

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