Frustrations at the check-out lanes: What would you do?

I was grocery-shopping at Mydin Mall the other day and because I had only about 3-4 items in my hands, I proceeded to one of the Express Checkout Lanes. And much to my displeasure, some of the customers queuing in the other Express Checkout Lanes had trolleys full of stuff!

So I tweeted about how disgusted I felt.

And along came a suggestion that I should take a photo of those customers and post them on Facebook to embarrass them. When I said that I wouldn’t do that because I didn’t like to treat people that way, I was told that sometimes, I’d have to do something I didn’t like. And then, there was another comment that Malaysians are too polite and do not want trouble, but sometimes we all need to cause a fuss, especially if it is not right.

There were a few things that I could have done that day.

I could have walked up to the Manager and complained about those customers. I could have taken their photos and uploaded them on Facebook to embarrass them. I could have told off the cashier for serving those with trolleys full of stuff at the Express Lanes. I could have created a fuss. I could have made a few people hate me for what I did to them.

But I didn’t.

Because I believed in treating other people nicely, in spite of what they’ve done, or are doing to me. Because I believed that there are other ways to solving a problem than to embarrass people.

And I’m glad I didn’t jump the gun and made a fool of myself.

Because the Manager on Duty kindly asked those customers with more than 10 items to queue on the non-express lanes.