We’re half-way through the blogging campaign on the environment

Blog Action Day

We are now half-way through the month-long blogging campaign on environmental issues @ The Giving Hands, which began on Sept 15th, and will conclude on Oct 15th, in conjunction with .

Some of the environment-related articles that have been published since Sept 15th are as follow:

By myself

    Plastics and styrofoams
  • 14 ways to create less trash — How do you create less trash in your home? What would you do if the government decides to charge a couple of ringgits/dollars for each kilogram/bag of trash collected from your household?? :)
  • Maximize the use of your fridge — Yes, there are health benefits as well!
  • 5 reasons not to drink bottled water — Have you heard of the “No Bottled Water” petition?
  • How much plastic bags do you use? — Seriously, have you ever tried denying a plastic bag whenever you go shopping? Do you know why plastic bags aren’t good for the environment?
  • 10 ways to green your gifts — Some tips to shop for environment-friendly gifts for a environment-conscious girlfriend.
  • 18 ways to conserve energy in your home — What do you do to avoid paying expensive electricity bills every month?

By Naoko @ Broken Sword and Shield

  • Fiction leads the way? — What would happen if the authorities were to punish litter bugs to do some community-service, just like how some story books tell? Naoko shares an example.

By Kate @ Kate Blogs About

  • Turn Off, Tune Out, Switch Off — Kate shares her experience in reducing the electricity bills in her household.

By Rinnah @ It’s all about the spin

  • Water, water everywhere — Seven practical tips that we can easily implement into our daily lives in our water conservation efforts.

By Steve @ BripBlap

  • A step a day keeps global warming away — Ten simple actions to keep global warming “away”.

Do you have an environment-related issue you’d like to discuss? Do you have some energy-saving tips (or whatever other tips) you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll hook you up :)

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  1. My tip: convert to compact fluorescent light bulbs but FIRST call around and see where you can safely dispose of them in your area.

    If there are no resources available where you live, make a pest of calling and writing to your elected officials and your local sanitation provider to ask again and again that they get something in place quick.

    Katie’s latest blog post: Blog Action Day

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