Save our Seahorses!

Save Our SeahorsesIf you have been receiving emails about signing an online petition to save the seahorses of the Pulai River Estuary, please do not delete it right away. Please take a few minutes to sign the petition and leave a comment to create more impact on the petition.

I am telling you this because I know that it isn’t a fraud petition where your email addresses would be collected and sold. I am telling you this because I know the person behind the Save Our Seahorses project personally and I am telling you that he is doing whatever he can in his capabilities as a researcher and a conservationist to conserve the populations of the seahorses of the Pulai River Estuary, and he needs YOUR help.

What’s the issue?

The proposed development at the Pulai River Estuary in Johor, Malaysia, will destroy extensive mangroves, sea grass habitats and will directly and adversely affect the seahorse and dugong populations.

What is this all about?

A recent Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) has been put up to clear 2,255 acres of mangroves at the Pulai River for Petrochemical and Maritime Industries. The types of heavy industries proposed is a catastrophe to the ecosystems — which included industrial gases, paints, varnishes, chemical products, petroleum refinery, shipbuilding and repair, fertilizers and pesticides, rubber re-milling, etc.

Apart from clearing the 2,255 acres of pristine mangrove forest, the subsequent stages of the development will:

  • cause direct demolition to the sea grass beds due to dredging work on the riverbanks
  • cause excessive run-off, sedimentation and siltation – which smother the sea grass habitat
  • discharge very toxic effluents (heavy metals, PCBs, etc.) into the waters
  • increase shipping and land-based activities

Why should we conserve the site?

The Pulai River Estuary:

    Save the Seahorses!

  • harbours one of the oldest virgin mangrove forests in the world and the most extensive seagrass bed in Malaysia.
  • is declared a Ramsar Site — Wetlands of International Importance — in 2003.
  • is the last stronghold habitat for the Spotted Seahorse (Hippocampus kuda) population in Malaysia
  • is believed to contain evidence of dugong populations
  • is rich in fisheries, coral reefs and other marine biodiversity
  • provides for the livelihood of traditional fishermen and indigenous Seletar folks

What can I do to save the seahorses?

At the moment, there are 2 things that you can do to help save the seahorses of the Pulai River Estuary.

  1. Sign a Save The Seahorses petition.

    The goal is to collect 5,000 signatures before the petition is forwarded to the Department of Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources, Malaysia, but the more signatures is collected, the stronger is the case :)

  2. Spread the message.

    Send the link to sign the petition to as many of your family members, friends, ex-colleagues as possible and encourage them to sign the petition as well (nothing spammy, promise?). Or you may also send a link to this post to your bosses, futsal kaki, mamak kaki, etc. And if you are a blogger, I’d like to appeal to you to help spread the awareness on your respective blogs.

The fate of the seahorses, dugongs and other biological communities, and the people who rely on these resources, is in your hand.


Thank you. I love you.

10 thoughts on “Save our Seahorses!

  1. helen: Aww.. We Chinese take anything and everything as medicines, no? Seahorses, turtles, yewww…

    Mei Mei: Next would be lions, tigers, elephants..

    Pat: Thank you so much! :)

  2. They are lovely creatures… But even if they weren’t so cute, we’ve really got to start paying more attention to habitat issues and genetic diversity, worldwide. You bet I’ll sign. :)

  3. Excellent cause! Im going to share this post with some friends, maybe they will sign and share it too.

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