Non-stop blogging and some link loves

Since I submitted my thesis draft to my Supervisor a few days ago, I have been on a blogging frenzy. Not because I wanted to, but because I was determined to clear the accumulated backlogs :)

My second guest post at Domestik Goddess — Mabel’s pretty shawls — was a couple of hours late because I had only one day to finish writing the post and I wasted it due to a horrible headache.

I also wrote my first post at PlanetThoughts — How do you convince your friends to go green? after which I read this — Top 5 ways to convince people who don’t give a damn about the environment. What a coincidence, huh? :)

A PlanetThought is a thought directed towards caring for our planet. The environment needs our care so Earth can remain human-friendly for the next century and beyond. You can join us to learn more and to help promote more awareness and discussion of these critical issues.

And since the holiday season is approaching, why not consider making a pledge to only buy handmade gifts? I’m sure you’ve heard about April who makes very pretty earrings and necklaces and Mabel who knits some very classy shawls.

And now, some link loves!

  • Pelfy shares some pictures of her traditional Chinese costume, the cheongsam. She also posted a few pictures of herself in her cheongsams, but the last picture in the post wins hands-down! :biggrin:
  • Do you know of anybody who, seriously, use more than 10 mobile phones at any one time?! I thought I didn’t know anybody who has more than 4 mobile phones, but now I do. And Andy has the proof.
  • Another thing that I’ve learned about zhu is that she carries about 10 pens in her bag! I was a student before, but I’ve never taken more than 2 functional pens with me whenever I went for my classes!
  • If you’re looking for a plugin that will pull and display random links from your blogroll, goldfries has what you’re looking for. What you need to do is to add your favourite blogs like you normally would, install the plugin, set the options and you’re done!
  • littlebro needs to know that he is not the only person who curses at other inconsiderate drivers.
  • yenjai may need to have his X-ray machine serviced and it would cost him a 10 grands. Go comfort him, will you?
  • Have you seen the delicious-looking, mouth-watering laksa that Giddy Tiger made? Am I the only person who doesn’t know how to cook laksa now? :frown:

Till next week! :vodka:

My thesis is almost done (and some link loves)!

It’s Monday today, and I have just realized two things:

  • I have only published 2 posts since the last :heart: link love :heart: post — one in which I complained about the never-ending thesis, and another one in which I ranted about the st*pid woman driver who reversed into my car AND my boyfriend.
  • I can actually LIVE without blogging :upsidedown:

Wife of Second Life

Seriously, before this, I found it hard to believe whenever a blogger says that s/he is too busy to blog. I thought that if you enjoyed blogging and if you had something to blog about, it wouldn’t be too difficult to squeeze a 200-word post in between your deadlines.


Anyway, I was barely breathing today because I was very determined to do as much as I possibly could so that I can put my thesis off my mind for a moment. It has been a little more than 4 months since I have started working on it, and I am beginning to feel like I’ve done it forever.

OK, OK, enough ranting about the thesis, I heard ya!

So now, some link loves!

  • littlebro asked whether he should stay at his current job, or whether he should leave and find himself a new one. Go tell him what you think.
  • kristarella doesn’t think that top posting makes reading emails easier. What do you think?
  • Diana13 will be hosting her first Blog Carnival on Nov 13th, and it’s called “Resources for Bloggers”. It’s only the 12th today, so it isn’t too late to submit a post (you can submit a post written earlier, or you can write a new post)!
  • Giddy Tiger shares her proudest moment! :)
  • Have you ever seen an empty airport? Chen shares some pictures.
  • So you’ve seen the Eye on Malaysia. Pelfy now shows you some pictures of the Eye on Malacca, LOL.
  • yenjai has a reminder for you to switch off your modem or router when lightning strikes!
  • So you want to go to Canada? Zhu shows off some pictures of the Canadian skies to tempt you!

Ouh, and one more very important announcement. My cousin, who was born on the same year, same month, same day as I, was engaged yesterday. Congratulations once again, Mrs. Lim! :biggrin:

What have I been doing (and some link loves)?

I have had a very slow week, in terms of writing, publishing, commenting and blog-hopping. In fact, I haven’t been spending as much time as I would love to on my blog because I have been too caught up with writing up my thesis. I have set myself a deadline which I hope to be able to honour so that things get done, and I could get on with my life. It definitely isn’t fun going to bed every night thinking about the unfinished thesis, and whether I would ever graduate with a Master’s degree next year.

Anyway, did you know that I was invited to guest-blog at Domestik Goddess some time ago? And because Jen writes about arts and crafts, she suggested that I write about crafty friends/bloggers I know. My first article, which featured April and her hand-made jewellery was published on Nov 1st. My second article would be published on Nov 15th, but I shall not disclose my second “featured blogger” :secret:

Ouh, and I have recently given my charity-based blog, The Giving Hands, a face-lift. I am currently using a simple-and-clean theme called Content Cream, by Mohsin @ Blogging Bits. I am almost done with the tweaking, so you know what to do now, don’t you? And I am working on trying to keep to a posting schedule (which has yet to be determined due to the current thesis-writing frenzy) :grr:

2007 Weblog Awareds - Best Asian BlogOne more thing, Edrei was recently short-listed as a finalist for the 2007 Weblog Awards Best Asian Blog — how cool is that?! :cool: I mean, how often do you find a Malaysian picked up for such an award? So, do us all a favour, and vote for him, will you? :upsidedown: The voting will run until Nov 8th, and you can vote once every 24 hours! So please make every vote count! :heart:

And now, some link loves for my top commentators:

  • After a little “talking to” (I wouldn’t call it convincing because I wasn’t trying to influence him), littlebro, my ex-housemate, had finally decided to revive his blog, which had been left since 2 years ago. Check out this tribute to yours truly! :biggrin:
  • Chen shares an East Malaysian signature dish — jungle fern!
  • Does your Mum keep one of those very ancient irons at home? You know, the one that uses coal, and is drop-dead heavy it makes you think how anybody would use that to iron clothes? pearl has a picture of the classic iron!
  • Is your blog dying? How do you tell if you are slowly (but surely) abandoning your blog? Wayne Liew shares some points on how you can ensure that your blog doesn’t die :)
  • French blogger, Zhu talked about her experience as a receptionist in Hong Kong and why she wouldn’t get herself a handphone :)
  • yenjai shows what you can do with the barcode sticker that comes with a new book.
  • What do you do if you can’t lock the boot of your car? You latch it, of course! And Pelfy shows us an example of how you can do it (and attract all the attention) :D
  • silveraven has some pictures of a “bastard cut“! *gulps*
  • Diana13 compiled a list of articles with tips on how to increase your blog traffic, write better, save time, make money online and some photography and security tips.
  • A group of Muslims are trying to clear some of the misconceptions about Islam. Visit their website to learn more about Islam.

Do you realize the usual guys are getting all the link loves every week?? Come on, drop by more often, leave me more comments (and loves, and hugs) and you could be on the list next week :)