Of blue tears and fireflies

Feli got very very excited when the seniors said that they will take them, the juniors, to the beach to see “blue tears” (some luminouscent plankton or blue-green algae, I cannot recall correctly). What I didn’t tell her was that those “blue tears” can be seen all-year-long, and that she will have many many opportunities to see them when the field trips to the islands commence. And I haven’t told her about this place where we can see fireflies yet *winks*

My car is back! Hooray!

I collected my car at about 5:30pm. Felt soo weird when I sat in the driver’s seat. Can’t explain why though *shrugs* Will need to send the car for a thorough car wash because the interior is still littered with broken pieces of glass *sigh* RM470 gone.. :(

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Because I just broke my windscreen! *whoa*

No, I didn’t break it myself, how could I?! I was driving a new lecturer, JJ and my colleague to meet my Supervisor in town before attending the opening ceremony of the exhibition on turtles at the State Museum. I will probably blog about that later because my mind is still very pre-occupied with what happened this morning.

So I picked JJ and my colleague, and I was following a couple of huge-a$$ lorries, I wasn’t trailing them, there was quite a distance between the last lorry and my humble Kancil.

We were chatting happily in the car, about a lot of things, because JJ had just returned from the UK where she did her Ph.D (yeah, I should rightfully call her Dr. J). We were talking about how things have changed since she went to the UK (she left when my colleague and I were in our second year, I think).

Then all of a sudden I heard this loud THUMP! It sounded like one of those fire crackers, and I was frightened and shut my eyes for a fraction of a second. When I opened my eyes, I saw my windscreen cracked. And it was still cracking. I could hear the cracking sound. Sooo scarry..

Dr. J looked away and covered her face with both her palms but I was like, “Whoa?! What happened?!” There weren’t any cars behind so I signalled to stop by the roadside. And that was when Dr. J repeatedly said, “It’s going to burst! It’s going to break! Get out of the car!” She instilled in me the sense of panic and I was like, “Should I switch off the engine?” and she said, “Yes! Quick!”

I didn’t realize I was actually trembling with fear until I got off the car and stood on my own two legs. Boy, were they shivering! Dr. J said since we were so near my house, I might as well drive my car back and that she would call my Supervisor to tell her about the incident. I said I couldn’t drive it back, I was scared. Then Mr. Colleague offered to drive my car back to my house while we both walked home.

Upon returning home from the museum, I called Perodua and enquired the price of a new Kancil windscreen. Apparently, the windscreen was not very expensive – people had been telling me how it could cost me RM 500 – it was only RM 280 but the workmanship was half of what the windscreen would cost! So I had to fork out RM 280 plus RM 140 plus RM 50 for the tow truck to tow my car to the Perodua Service Centre in town.

So Pelf is now officially RM 470 poorer! *sniffs*

What you can do is to join Blogathon and raise funds for me to get a new windscreen. OR you could bet 5902 at TOTO or Magnum 4D of whatever horse-gambling you like and sponsor me a new windscreen when you strike the jackpot. OMG, I’m beginning to sound like her.