Would you pay for a post on my blog?

I am sure we are now well aware of the newest update from PayPerPost — the PPP Direct, which to me, works a little like ReviewMe. But that’s not what I want to dwell into today :) If you haven’t read enough from all other bloggers promoting PPP Direct, you may want to read it directly from those behind the scene.

Now, I’ve never received an assignment from ReviewMe though I’ve had an account with them for a couple of months. In fact, I had just recently deleted my ReviewMe account, which doesn’t really mean anything except that I now have one less username-and-password combination to remember :) I mean, what is this blog compared to other “make money” or “technical” blogs in the marketplace? I don’t get impressive uniques or page views or hits in a day, and I know it isn’t exactly a must-read material. And don’t worry, I’m not intending to place the PPP Direct badge on my blog, demanding that you hire me with the “said amount” because well, let me just say that I don’t work *that* way..

I don’t write blog reviews (whether or not they are paid for) because I know I’m not an expert in web-designing and stuff like that, so who am I to review another person’s blog anyway?? I’ve seen bloggers commenting on another person’s blog as if he/she has years of experience and knows exactly what works and what don’t. And I personally think that reviews such as, “… the colour-combination is great, and I especially like the well-arranged sidebars…” or “… the author has very good taste…” or “… simplistic design, easy-to-read font and colours soothing to the eyes…” are too fake to be taken seriously. And I don’t do link-exchanges because I believe that if one’s blog is interesting enough for me to subscribe to its feeds, it says so much more than having a link on my sidebar which reads “I LOVEEE these sites”.

Nonetheless, I’m curious as to how much one is willing to pay for a post on my blog. I’m not going to boast and tell you how I can help your blog ranking by linking to your blog and all those fish.. I’m also not going to stress that I have so-and-so amount of unique visitors and hits per day, because, heck, my readership isn’t something to be shouted at! :D In any case, I can guarantee that whatever your vote to the following poll is, it will NEVER be used against you. That, I promise :)

9 thoughts on “Would you pay for a post on my blog?

  1. You have a PR 5 blog with a Alexa rank of 135,922. I think there would be advertisers would be willing to pay you around $50 per post.

  2. Sandeep says:

    Why don’t you put up a live & working payperpost direct button on your blog and you may be pleasantly surprised at the $$$ you get offered.

  3. No harm in demanding people hire you lol… I don’t think I’ll put it up on my personal blog for now, but maybe for other sites :)

  4. How come cannot vote wan ah? :-( Don’t know your site ranking or Alexa ranking or whatever but you’ve been putting up pretty interesting and reader-worthy stuff, don’t know. Maybe around USD30 is ok, I guess. How much is that in RINGGIT ah? Around RM100+ rite? Anyway…… :-)

  5. Sandeep: Even if I think a post on my blog is worth so-and-so amount, other people may not think so. And trust me, PayPerPost has literally “spoilt” most of us bloggers by making available high-paying assignments that “almost anybody with the right ranking” can take, and nobody writes decent material for USD 10 anymore, let alone USD 5.

    ParisB: Good luck! :D

    marsha: You can’t cast a vote?? I’m not sure why though :( And yeah, USD 30 is equivalent to about RM 100 la..

  6. soufulow says:

    Pelf, you have a wonderful blog and the subject you covered in the blog is very interesting and nice to read – never thought you should worry about advertisement and sponsors.

    Just curious, if you’re writing for PPP or review for other’s blog (in case), would you leave the page forever in your blog archieve, or delete it after certain period of time?

  7. soufulow: Thanks for the kind words :) And.. I blogged about the subject you were concerned with not too long ago. You may read about it here.

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