Review Techie-Buzz and win FREE hosting and webspace!


I have finally “launched” my new turtle site after 2.5 months (since I acquired the domain). Please check it out at The Turtle Talks and leave me some comment-love, OK?

Now, let’s get things straight first. I don’t know Keith of Techie-Buzz. I’m not paid to do this, and I don’t think I need another domain — I have 3 already, and I almost can’t handle them all — or webspace because, like I’ve mentioned, Claire is giving me some space, and I don’t see why I should be given MORE webspace. But I reckon some of you might be interested in this.

So yeah, if you’re interested, read on.

The simplified rules

  • Review Techie-Buzz with the recommended keywords.
  • Mark Techie-Buzz as your favourite in Technorati.
  • Join Techie-Buzz’s MyBlogLog community.

The prize

  • FREE domain hosting with 5-freaking-GB of webspace.
  • 25-freaking-GB of bandwidth.

The good news..

.. is that there will be 5 winners each month, for the next 10 months. So there are actually plenty of chances to win the attractive prize!! :)

OK, so what I do need to do?

  • Review Techie-Buzz on your blog.
  • Email Keith the link to your site. His email is
  • Wait for him to announce the winners.

For more information on this contest, visit this page.

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