I initially hesitated to sign up for a Blogger’s Choice Awards account when I realized that my login details were not the same with those of my PayPerPost account because I knew it was going to be a one-time thingy. I mean, the nominating and voting will end on June 2nd, so what do you think will happen to the login details I had earlier created just for this?

The same goes to my PayPerPost forum account. At first I thought I could use the same login details but no. I had to register for a new account, which means an additional set of login details to remember.

So I recently wrote down all my online accounts in a cute little notebook. I have a category for emails because I have a few Gmail accounts, a Jaring account which I had abandoned because I was feeding on a LOT of SPAMS, a Streamyx account that I had never used because the email interface is as ugly as Jaring’s, a Yahoo account which I was actively using before I got my first GMail account, and a grad-student account which uses my alphanumeric-matric-number as the username that I used only once in a while because I sooo dislike the username. I mean, how many of us fancy emails such as gsk0203@pps.umt.edu.my??!!

And then I have a category for blogs — how many of you remember that I have a Blogger and a WordPress.com blog? And then I have this chenpn.com and my spanking-new-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-them-yet charity and turtle sites. There is also a category for photo sharing — I have a Shutterfly account which I am still using on-and-off and a Flickr PRO account which was my last year’s surprise Christmas gift :) Read my Shutterfly-Flickr review here.

Ouh, and I haven’t told you about the forums that I actively (and otherwise) participate in — the PayPerPost forum, especially whenever I needed help as somebody from the developer team is always on standby to answer our questions; the MalaysiaBloggers forum which I recently joined; the Jom makan! forum because I was invited by the most obnoxious blogger and the PostCrossing forum (anybody still remember Postcrossing, the Postcard Crossing project?!). PHEW.

Plus, I also have my Bloglines and Feedburner accounts, my Technorati, Digg, HighFivez accounts that I don’t normally watch because, well.. Oh yea, and I got myself a NEW 9rules account! And this is highly recommended! I mean, it has been quite some time since I last chanced upon a blogger who uses grammatically-correct English, and blogs about stuff that I find interesting.

If you have as many online accounts as I do (or probably more), I hope you find this article written by Justin Kistner — Digital life management — useful. He shares how he manages and uses his passwords and emails, and how he guards against identity theft. He organizes his “digital life” very systematically and perhaps, perhaps I shall learn to do that one day.

One day.

But for now, I will still use my cute little notebook :)