Do you believe this?

Master Jason told me that my own server has an Awstats programme installed – and I suppose the word “Awstats” was the shortened version of “Awesome Statistics” or something like that. Because I checked it out this morning, and it was really.. Err.. Awesome..! *smiles* It could do much better than “Blog Stat” in

Anyway, I am not sure whether Awstats is reliable because I saw something unbelievable, which is this:

Do you believe that I have soo many American readers? I don’t :)

OK, OK.. Maybe I am interpreting the information wrongly, so I need some experts so explain to me what those figures mean. Any volunteers?

12 thoughts on “Do you believe this?

  1. chloe says:

    sometimes reloads count as hits too. i always check referral links and determine just how often my hits come from search engines.

    pelf: I guessed it as much.. And I am beginning to think that checking my own stats is a very complicating and troublesome thing to do *winks* Don’t mind me, that incident is still haunting me..

  2. kenJJ says:

    I think I know why. The webhosting server you’re using for this website is based in US. The number of pages loaded everytime you browse into the admin account hosted by your US server will be counted into Awstats. I can say that Awstats, which is similar to Webalizer, is not a reliable online statistics. I suggest that you use . I guess you must be too excited with your new website…in fact, it’s nice.

    pelf: I see.. Makes sense *nods head* :)) BTW, I logged in to my Admin quite frequently because I was messing trying to edit my template and other stuff, remember?

  3. kenJJ says:

    Oops, got some error in that message. Continue…I suggest that you use statcounter which can be obtained at

    pelf: And since you are the second person who’s recommending StatCounter, maybe I’d give it a try. But maybe not now because I still have that accidentally-erase-everything-phobia :)

  4. ed says:

    wah liao jie… you reload or relogin also wont have so many hits la… you’re so macho meh? haha… the aussie hits must be contributed by me la… welcome welcome =P

    pelf: I knew it la.. *whoa* Did you hit the RELOAD button repeatedly whenever you’re free? Over 600 hits you know?! Hhahaha :)

  5. Siah says:

    Uh dude. About “hits”

    Let’s say you have a page with 3 images on it. That would be 4 hits. (1 page + 3 images = 4 files) Don’t forget you have your background image and banner on every page too.

    I don’t think the stats where you login to your CP is logged by awstats, but I may be wrong. Terribly wrong.

    Well, I strongly recommend too at the end of the day. Less hassle more lightweight. ;)


    pelf: *whoa* Thanks for the explaination :))

  6. Or maybe we should take it as it is and say that thou are indeed famous haha.

    Anyway, regarding that meme, I’d like to do it but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was about thus my silly post nyek nyek. Any place I can go to get a brain refresher on it?

    pelf: Just noticed that you already found an example :)) Good boy *pats Merv’s back*

  7. I’m all for statscounter as well … works well. I’m working for a Canadian company. That Canadian dude will be me when I’m in the office (like now)

    pelf: Must you tell me that those Canadian hits were actually YOU?! Can’t you let me assume I DO have Canadian readers and be happy about it? *bluek*

  8. lol….and i’m one of those singaporeans. ;) it’s fun right? hehe.. :)

    pelf: And how come you are one of those Singaporeans? You work for a Singaporean company I assume?

  9. OK …. Canadian reader is not me then. Must have been my mistake. You DO have Canadian readers.

    pelf: Hhahahah.. OK, I will pretend that I did not read your earlier comment..

    BTW, anyone who comes from a .com domain is likely to be considered American, just to let you know too ….

    pelf: And thanks for the info..

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