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Blogging Challenges and TipsWe’re all passionate about something, one way or another. You could be passionate about your job, or you could be passionate about a specific cause.

You could be passionate about saving the tigers of the Sunderbans, or you could be passionate about saving , or you could be passionate about saving the, err, turtles :D

For example, is passionate about helping bloggers learn more about blogging and WordPress. is passionate about helping bloggers build relationships with their readers.

Hence, Lorelle’s latest blogging challenge is to:

Describe your passion and explain how you are living and working it into your life. Don’t have a passion? Don’t know what yours is? Well, if your blog isn’t part of your life’s passion, what is?

Lorelle @ Blog Challenge: Blog your passion

Blog with passion

I am passionate about a number of things:

  1. I am passionate about helping people.

    And I mean genuinely helping them within my somewhat limited capabilities, without expecting anything in return. And I guess the fact that I grew up in a single-parent family and having had to share a house with another family makes me realize that life isn’t always sweet and smooth-sailing. I have gone through trials and tribulations as a child that other children my age didn’t have to think or worry about, and that makes me even more determined to help people when and where it is needed.

  2. I am passionate about writing and blogging.

    I love to read and write and I have always wanted to be a reporter when I was growing up. That was why I landed myself in a part-time reporting job during my undergraduate years. My part-time reporting job did not exactly take me to places, but I met a lot of people and from it, learned a lot of things that I would not be able to otherwise.

    And like Kathy, I doubt I can ever “take a break” from blogging too :)

  3. I am passionate about turtles and conservation.

    I have said many times that I am not an animal person. I am very afraid of dogs and cats. I cried when a lizard fell on my arm. I get goosebumps if I see millions of ants. But I am not afraid of the turtles.

    Me sitting on a leatherback turtle replica

    My first job after graduation, as a Research Assistant, opened my eyes to the cutesy turtles and my mind to the world of conservation. People may not understand why we are constantly researching and conserving turtles, and I do not blame them. If you have not worked with them, touched them, look after them and see them grow, you wouldn’t know how it feels like learn about their declining populations.

    As with turtles, I am also passionate about saving the environment. Global warming. Excessive use of plastic bags. Pollution. Species extinction. You get the drift..

So what’s YOUR passion? And how are you living and working it into your life?

17 thoughts on “Blog your passion

  1. My passion? Certainly not the job I’m doing. I blog at work so I don’t have to think about work.

    I do love to write and tell stories and I am working towards being a full-time writer.

  2. The family is at the top of that list.
    I enjoy helping others and I do a lot of volunteer work with homeless people in the inner city and working with inner city youths. Those are two populations at that are consistently overlooked.
    I’m passionate about animal rights, human rights, veganism, write, public speaking about health issues, alternative healing, fitness, etc.,

  3. Greg Balanko-Dickson says:

    When I was diving and snorkeling in Hawaii, a green sea turtle came and bumped into me, see the pic at my blog. It was so surreal. I am waiting for Lorelle’s book and look forward to reading it.

    Keep focused on the passion, it always amazes me where it leads.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. During my stay in San Francisco with a very “earthy” friend, I learned about the extra charges many stores are charging for plastic bags. My friend and I washed out our grocery and plastic shopping and ziplock bags thoroughly after using them, just to recycle them through use. When I got home, I dig out my fabric shopping bags that I used overseas, where such usage is common, and started using them.

    The other day, my husband came home from the grocery store with a new fabricy shopping bag. “What’s this?”

    “I can save 25 cents if I bring my own grocery bags, so I bought this for a dollar so I could save 25 cents each shopping trip.”

    I was so proud of him.

    The issue of plastic bags and the role they are playing in the destruction of the environment is more important than people think. They impact everything from the air we breath to the turtles you love.

    We have to think big, but think small, which is why blogging is so important to me. It makes changes in tiny ways that change the whole world, and thank goodness for people like you, Pelf, who live their passion every day with their blogs.

  5. Brian: Perhaps it’s time for a change of environment? :)

    Opal: Helping other people gives so much satisfaction, heh?

    Greg: Thank you so much for the kind words! :D

    Lorelle: Yeah, plastic bags are indeed a nuisance to the environment (cause pollution, clog drains, suffocate turtles) and to effectively reduce the use of plastic bags in our lives, we need to incorporate lessons on recycling in our education system. Where I am currently staying, there’s a shopping centre that does not allow you to leave UNLESS you use their plastic bags!!

    Kathy: I can’t agree more with that! :)

  6. Helen says:

    That’s awesome. :) I blog about my passion too, but not too much since I’m a therapist and everything I do is pretty much confidential. Heh. You spark in the inner conservationist in me. I used to blog a lot about the environment and endangered species and stuff like that, but have since decreased that part of my blogging world. I should pick it up again. You’re awesome, and you’re a wonderful role model.

  7. My passion is really my family and most importantly my son. That’s why I diligently keep a blog for him and fervently hope to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom soon :)

  8. I share number 2 with you… And its definition is very wide, don’t you think?

    By the way, how much is Lorelle’s book again?

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