Love thy eyes

Remember the eye infection I had last year? Well, apparently, I popped my acuvue contact lenses in for longer than the recommended maximum 8 hours per day because I spend a lot of time outdoors (on campus), and I don’t remove them until I go to bed.

But that is, of course, a very bad habit and I always advice my friends against doing it – because I know some of them wear their contacts to bed – especially after my scary personal experience.

So if you’re new to wearing contact lens, I would suggest that you read up on it – lots of information is available on the internet. There are a lot of things you SHOULD know besides the fact that they make you look prettier without your glasses, or that they make your life so much simpler.

Now, the education center at ACLens offers many vision care articles which I thought everybody should take some time to read, whether you’re wearing glasses or contacts. There is also a feature called “Ask The Doctor” where you can submit your eye-related questions to the doctors. Besides that, the contact lens forums are the largest contact lens related message board on the internet with over 30,000 posts!! The specific forums include issues pertaining to contact lens care, glasses, eye health, refractive surgery and specialty contact lenses. The education center has allowed many people to get answers to quick everyday vision questions along with answers which they can then take back to their eye doctor.

Take good care of your eyes because there’s no second chance.

My accidental favourite

I stumbled upon her blog accidentally. I think I was blog-hopping, which I realize I have been doing quite consistently recently, but I just cannot recall from whose blog that I got into hers.

The first thing that attracted my attention was her (then) current WordPress theme. It was one of the few themes that I had earlier downloaded but have decided not to use first because I wanted to customize it. My first impression was, “Hey, somebody’s got the same good taste!

And then I started reading it. Somewhere between the pages, her name rang a bell in my head. I remember seeing her name somewhere but couldn’t recall it at that time so to satisfy my curiosity, I, read this, combed through her pages and archives. Hhaha, now, THAT makes me sound like in CSI, no? *winks*

And then I got to her daughters. Oh my God. Her daughters have got the prettiest faces and cutest smiles. And so I got attracted to her kids and spent more time there. Now I sound like a paedophile *choi*

Now if you haven’t already seen her cuties, head on over. Again, it is worth every-single-bit of your broadband connection *smiles*