Busy living life

I know, I know I haven’t been around since.. JULY?! But I have been busy living life! :D

Maybe, maybe when I’m more settled down in the coming weeks, I’d be able to find time to blog again. I miss blogging. No kidding :D

Request for papers

As a graduate student, there is no way in which I could afford to subscribe to all the numerous journals available and relevant to my field. Annual journal subscriptions usually cost between $50 and $100 for students. Pay-Per-Article subscriptions may cost between $20 and $30 for a 24-hour-access to an article.

So how do I acquire recently published papers without having to pay for them?

I write to the corresponding authors and request for the papers.

And in the many times that I have done it in the past, never had one author denied my request. Never. In fact, almost all of them responded to me within 24 hours. A handful of them even included additional papers that I did not request for, which they thought would be helpful to me in my research. And some of them even invited me to check out their research and other published papers in their professional website.

So if you find yourself paying for journal articles in the future, consider writing to the authors and request for the papers instead. This should save you some money for the rainy days!

The underground tin mine in Sg. Lembing

Sungai Lembing was once a popular town, well-known for its tin mines, which used to be the longest and deepest in the world. The Tai Pei Tong underground tunnel was recently “renovated” and is now open to the public. For RM 30 per adult, you get to experience what it used to be like for tin miners who worked in the mine.

When we visited the underground tunnel in January, it had just been opened to the public. There weren’t many other visitors at that time, which means that we pretty much had the whole underground tunnel to ourselves, apart from the volunteers who served as interpreters. In fact, it was so new, that the souvenir shop was not properly set up yet.

Outside the Tai Pei Tong tin mine
Outside the Tai Pei Tong tin mine.

With our entrance tickets
With our entrance tickets.

A few tin miners were “stationed” both outside and inside the tunnel, for photography opportunities, but have since been cordoned off to avoid any untoward incidences.

The tin miner
The tin miner.

Group picture inside the tunnel
Group picture inside the tunnel.

In the tunnel
In the tunnel.

For me, the experience was personal. I finally had the chance to experience what it felt like for my late maternal Grandpa and eldest uncle, who worked in the mine all their lives.

If you ever find yourself in Sg. Lembing in the future, I’d most certainly recommend that you visit this underground tin mine! :D

P/S: Watch this video for more visuals of the underground tin mine as well as other attractions in Sg. Lembing.